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The Guardhat Story

We aim to empower workforces to make better decisions—decisions that save lives, improve response times and tactics, and increase productivity. Guardhat is the world’s first and only comprehensive, open connected worker platform. It’s years ahead of the competition, but we are still at the beginning of the Guardhat story.

The original idea behind Guardhat was forged in 2014, at a blast furnace melting iron at 2,700ºF, in Detroit. We were wearing the same hardhats as everyone else and knew there had to be a better way to ensure worker safety. So, we began our pioneering journey to transform worker safety and workplace productivity.

Our experience in real-world industrial operations led us to develop the breakthrough Guardhat smart hardhat—with industrial sensors, advanced positioning technology, comprehensive communications, and more—all to achieve a simple goal: keep the brave people that make, power, and move the world around us safe and productive in every shift, every day.

This was quickly followed by our hyper-accurate and dependable RTLS geolocation system that works beyond GPS, and more importantly, works in challenging and hazardous industrial environments. From there, we developed our IIoP or Industrial Internet of People platform to improve how data is collected, analyzed, and used in industrial workplaces.

Along the way, we focused on software to enable devices – those already in the field, those entering industrial environments from the consumer world, and wearables at the cutting edge of innovation – and integrations; continually expanding the ecosystem of solutions for industrial workers, and workplaces.

Meet Our Team: Many Hats, A Force Of One.

We are miners, technologists, steelmakers and engineers. We are passionate dreamers. Innovators. And explorers. But above all, we are the ones who gained firsthand experience with industrial issues in the workforce. So we know what the workers and operators go through, and we decided to do something about it. Our combined knowledge and skills enable us to create groundbreaking, high-tech systems that improve productivity and save lives in industrial workplaces around the world. This is who we are. This is what we do.

Smart Solutions for Real-World Issues

Our Mission

To safeguard your people, your business and your bottom line.

Deep in the isolation of a coal mine, 300 feet below the ground. On a desolate rig 125 miles off shore. Just down the block in a bustling warehouse. Guardhat tirelessly pioneers to keep those who put their lives on the line every day reliably connected, safe and productive. Which in turn keeps your business safe and reduces costs associated with critical industrial events. We do it by developing solutions that are unique, intelligent and ahead of their time. And by never forgetting the value of what’s at stake.

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