Controlled Access Zoning

Workers in industrial domains face a myriad of risks. The Guardhat Controlled Access Zoning solution can help you better protect your people, and reduce risk to assets and the communities in which you operate by ensuring no one enters unsafe areas, only certified workers enter certain zones, and alerts and trainings are offered to ensure ongoing compliance.

With dynamic geofencing, zone management, and evacuations, the Controlled Access Zoning solution from Guardhat can digitize and ease administation of access zoning, while increasing safety and onboarding of new staff.


Mobile & Offline Geofencing

With truly dynamic geofencing capabilities, Guardhat Controlled Access Zoning solution allows you to set geofences in advance or create them on the fly. For workers without continual connectivity, geofencing works offline to keep them alerted of unsafe or PPE zones even in the most remote locations. By scanning for and collecting telemetry data from compatible connected equipment using short-range radios such as Bluetooth or NFC, the solution can ensure proper safety equipment is worn in specific facilities, at height, or around specific equipment.

3D Zones

When paired with certain wearables and infrastructure, the Guardhat solution can create and manage zones deep underground, across multiple floors of facilities, or at altitudes via 3-D location awareness.


Enable real-time guidance to workers on mustering, and visualization for supervisors or safety teams. With the Guardhat Controlled Access Zoning solution, you can direct workers to mustering zones to speed a safe exit, or simply quickly congregate the team required for a maintenance task and watch them proceed to the location, accounting for team members in real-time.

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