Guardhat Communicator

Our smartest industrial hardhat for a safer, productive, and better-connected workforce.

The Guardhat Communicator is our flagship smart hardhat that provides sensor-based contextual awareness of the surroundings; multi-modal, high-precision, real-time positioning (RTLS) and proximity detection; comprehensive audio-visual telecommunications; peripheral connectivity; and multiple wireless backhaul options; with an ergonomic and user-friendly interface.

The hardhat PPE form factor allows for hands-free operation and simplifies the overall usage and adoption.

Designed to be the most capable general-purpose industrial wearable, the Communicator provides an unparalleled set of features or use across industries.

The Communicator can be used with Wi-Fi or cellular networks, can execute select tasks in offline mode. It is available as an ATEX/Intrinsically Safe variant.

What’s Inside?

  • Hard Hat. Type I, Class G.
  • Adjustable Suspension. HC-1 should only be used with the suspension provided by Guardhat.
  • Battery Pack. May be a single-cell or dual-cell Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Battery Charging Station. Can charge up to 4 battery packs simultaneously and is supplied separately.
  • Additional Battery Packs. May be procured through Guardhat to allow for extended hard hat use.
  • Certified ANSI.Z89.14 Type I Class-G industrial hardhat
  • Intrinsically-safe option, IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 and C1D1 certificated
  • Real-time indoor & outdoor location tracking (RTLS) using GPS
  • High-precision (sub-meter and full 3D) indoor/outdoor location tracking using infrastructure beacons (optional)
  • Presence detection using standard BLE beacons and UWB
  • Proximity-detection to moving or static equipment, personnel and vehicles (example: forklifts)
  • PPE compliance and audits using RFID
  • Asset Identification using BLE and RFID
  • Audio/video VOIP telephony with compatible devices and SCC operators

Product Specification

  • Wireless Connectivity. UWB, Zigbee, Wifi, LTE, NFC, BLE, Bluetooth
  • Multimedia Options. LEDs, Audio Speakers, Microphones, 13MP Camera (video and still image), PTT, VOIP, Video Uplink
  • 3-D Location Accuracy. Accurate up to 1 meter.
  • Sensors. Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Noise Level, Hat Not Worn, Fall Detection, Proximity Danger
  • Battery Capacity (dual cell). 4800 mAH (typically 8 -12 hours)
  • Maximum Weight (with suspension). 800 g / 1 lb, 12.2 oz
  • Operating Temperature HC-1 -20° C to 57° C / -4° F to 134° F

Applicable Solutions

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Emergency Response
  • PPE Compliance
  • Human Conditions and Vitals Monitoring
  • Lone Worker
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Time and Attendance
  • Time and Motion Studies
  • Driver/Machine Operator Monitoring
  • On-the-job training
  • Remote Expert Support

Guardhat Provides Customized Solutions To Specific Industries

Forestry and Logging
Mineral Mining

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