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Guardhat App worker safety features

The Guardhat app is available on Android and iOS, and works with the Guardhat Platform and Guardhat solutions to turn your phone into a cutting-edge tool for work safety and collaboration.

The Guardhat app provides core safety functionality including SOS, fall detection, worker-down, proximity detection, geofence violation and evacuation alerts to workers on the frontline as well as their support, engineering and/or emergency response teams anywhere in the world. It also comes with full audio-visual calling, multi-channel, dynamic PTT, and secure media capture and storage – to make hazardous work easier and faster even as it makes work safer.

The app is a compatible frontline device for use with the Guardhat Lone Worker solution, which provides additional automated alerts and functionality around check-ins and visibility for those who work alone, distributed, or in remote locations to ensure they get home safe at the end of each shift. Gas detection & analytics features within the Guardhat Worker Condition Monitoring solution are also compatible with the app to track wearable/mobile gas detector status and alerts in real-time to create and manage a connected fleet of smart detectors to prevent exposure events and respond to incidents more swiftly and effectively.

As the ecosystem of Guardhat device integrations grows, the Guardhat app will offer more functionality for new devices and meet frontline worker needs as part of the leading platform covering the last mile to the frontline worker.

Features & Specifications

  • Available on most Android smartphone devices (via the Google Play Store) and Apple phones 5 and up (via the App store)
  • Screen-based display of alerts, messages, and status
  • Screen-based display of a live map with real-time location tracking of devices
  • Touch-screen interface for interacting with the app
  • GPS/GNSS based location tracking
  • Presence detection using standard BLE beacons
  • Audio/video VOIP telephony with compatible devices and SCC operators
  • Audio/video media recording and image capture (online & offline)
  • User-controlled SOS/panic button for requesting assistance
  • Fall detection and worker-down detection
  • Detection and alerts for geofence/lockout entry and exit (configurable and dynamic)
  • Detection and alerts for proximity to high-risk zones (configurable and dynamic)
  • Privacy mode in blackout zones (configurable and dynamic)
  • Alerts for emergency evacuation
  • Configurable and rules-based condition detection engine with OTA rules update
  • Real-time alerts & user notification, including evacuation alerts, from remote SCC operators
  • Internationalized, audio (spoken) alerts and notifications (instead of tones)
  • Visual and haptic alerts to complement the audio alerts and messages
  • Secure wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi, Cellular (LTE/4G, 3G)
  • Autonomous, disconnected-mode operation in connectivity deprived
    scenarios (example: lone-worker), with automatic data synchronization
  • Real-time text-to-speech messages from remote SCC operators
    ” Black Box” data collection (including offline conditions)
  • Dynamic user identification & association using standard RFID/NFC access badges
  • Wireless (BT) interfacing with external sensors, accessories, peripherals and other compatible
    IoT/wearable devices (such as biometric wearables)
  • Bluetooth pairing with peripherals such as BT audio headsets and hearing protection equipment
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, upgrades, and configuration/provisioning

Applicable Solutions

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Emergency Response
  • On-the-job training
  • Remote Expert Support
  • Supervisor/Workforce Management, Time and Motion Studies.

Guardhat Provides Customized Solutions To Specific Industries

Forestry and Logging
Mineral Mining

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