Guardhat Scout

Guardhat Scout worker safety features

The Guardhat Scout wearable device is a ruggedized, small form factor, body-worn, device with a touch display. The wearable provides location tracking, workers’ safety features such as SOS, proximity detection, and AV media collection features.

Tracking & Detection

Optimal for location-tracking, proximity-detection, audio-visual communication, and the core worker safety features.

Proprietary Software

The Scout wearable runs proprietary Guardhat software which can be customized for specific needs. Compatible 3rd party applications can also be run on the device.

Key Features

  • Touch-screen user interface for visual input/output
  • Tracking the real-time geo-location of the worker
  • Detection and audio-visual notification of various pre-configured safety conditions:
    • Evacuation & mustering
    • Geofence / restricted-area breaches
    • Fall/high-acceleration
    • Man down (unresponsive person)
    • Worker initiated distress signal (“SOS”)
  • Feedback when in proximity to other tags that also send proximity information
  • Audible alerts to self and other devices in proximity for fall detection, geofence violation or evacuation (initiated by the remote SCC operator)

Product Specification

  • Dimensions. 96 x 45 x 18 mm
  • Wireless Connectivity. UWB, Zigbee, Wifi, LTE, NFC, BLE,
  • Bluetooth
  • Weight. 108g; 134g (with clip)
  • Operating System. Custom Android 8.1
  • RAM and Storage. 4 GB and 64 GB
  • Sensors. G-Sensor, Compass, Gyroscope
  • Battery Capacity. 2000mAh
  • Durability. Ingress Protection: IP 68
  • Other Communication Technology. Bluetooth 4.1, NFC

Applicable Solutions

  • All Safety and Compliance Solutions
  • Attendance and Time
  • Time and Motion Studies
  • Driver/Machine Operator Monitoring

Guardhat Provides Customized Solutions To Specific Industries

Forestry and Logging
Mineral Mining

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