Enabling AI to Improve Worker Safety

In the world of worker safety, AI is providing “great opportunities.” – Jay Vietas, chief of the emerging technologies branch of the NIOSH Division of Science Integration.

It’s clear now that productivity and safety cannot be opposing goals in the industrial sector. But in an environment where thousands of workers are put in potentially hazardous positions regularly as a part of their job, how can organizations respond quickly and effectively to prevent and protect?

The industrial sector is under constant pressure to increase productivity, to drive profitability whilst prioritizing safety. Increasing productivity while ensuring the health and safety of the workers requires real-time visibility and swift action. That’s where AI can deliver a massive impact.

Worker Safety Needs Real-time Visibility

Technologies such as AI are helping organizations re-evaluate their approach to worker safety. AI-powered solutions make organizations’ safety processes more proactive through real-time visibility driven by data and insights. These are useful in sectors such as mining, oil and gas, nuclear and chemical industries.

All these sectors employ heavy machinery and big assembly lines, and AI can facilitate safer work environments by analyzing data faster than humans and providing real-time alerts to avoid incidents.

Behavioral Safety and Safety Culture

AI-powered solutions help organizations identify “repeat offenders” and flaws in the safety process that impact workplace security. AI can predict and prevent incidents by analyzing data and making predictions from that data.

The ability to predict equipment failures, having the right safety measurements, ensuring safety compliance, providing last-mile support, and timely incident reporting all significantly improve workplace safety. AI can monitor both internal and external factors, maintain PPE compliance, enable proximity detection, and give real-time alerts to workers and organizations to prevent, educate, and protect workers in relation to safety and safety processes.

Reviewing data generated in the connected workplace, AI can help isolate and identify safety threats.

Harness the Power of AI, Drive Workplace Safety

From fall detection to predictive analytics, hazardous environment monitoring to worker condition monitoring; AI-powered solutions are limited in their use only by the human imagination and the computing power available.

However, the real power of AI comes from its ability to uncover insights hidden in masses of data coming from production systems, machines, sensors, and workers. AI consumes this data, organizes and collates it, adds in other factors from all relevant external and internal sources, and parses the most relevant part from it in real-time.

These and many other use cases of AI make it a powerful technology in the industrial workspace. However, AI in isolation is not as powerful as it is when it is a part of a comprehensive and mature connected worker system.

A Connected Worker System

When AI becomes a part of a connected worker system and is supported by IoT, wearables, and sensor technology. AI can work magic because it gets a comprehensive data picture, and organizations acquire the capability to act on the available insights quickly and effectively.

A robust platform and smooth and uninterrupted data processing are necessary to leverage the power of AI. Comprehensive systems provide integration connectors for sourcing external data into the engine and sending bulk data to data warehouses and data lakes for enterprise-wide actionable information analysis.

By leveraging an AI-powered advanced analytics engine that is embedded into the software ecosystem and is capable of both real-time and batch analytics, organizations can meet all safety KPIs and ensure safety compliance.

About Guardhat

Guardhat is pioneering end-to-end connected worker safety solutions for industrial workers. We offer cutting-edge, wearable technology; a proprietary connected worker platform – unrivaled in its ability to ingest, manage and analyze unstructured data; easy to deploy monitoring and reporting software; and a growing system of partner integrations.

Guardhat enables companies to monitor worker location, health, and work environment to shorten reaction time and help proactively solve safety challenges. We hold 15 patents in real-time location systems, wearable solution design, and connected worker software. If you are interested in our connected safety solutions – including situational awareness, environmental and biometric monitoring, multi-modal communication, RTLS, Covid-19, and other advanced technology solutions – contact us to arrange a demo.


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