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The Guardhat system is composed of the foundational Guardhat Platform and a growing ecosystem of wearable devices and integrations that are combined to provide specific solutions across various industries. It’s a new way of seeing things that couldn’t be seen before, and of empowering the workforce to make better decisions—the ones that save lives, improve response times and tactics, and increase productivity. It is the world’s first and only comprehensive system of its kind. And while years ahead, this is just the beginning of Guardhat’s technology revolution.

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The Guardhat Platform. Building the Industrial Internet of People.

A modular software platform unrivaled in its ability to ingest, manage and analyze unstructured data – the type of data people make and use, with expanding data analytics and reporting. The Guardhat Platform is ready to run both out-of-box and customizable safety and productivity solutions.

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Modern Technology For The Modern Worker.

Guardhat’s own and integrated 3rd party devices serve a myriad of requirements. Ergonomic and unobtrusive, these high-tech wearables provide a plethora of capabilities and features, while staying out of the way when not needed

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Guardhat Provides Customized Solutions To Industry

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