Lone Worker

Guardhat was founded to address gaps in the safety of the workforce. These gaps are felt most acutely among lone workers.

More than a billion workers are out on their own for part, or all of their workday, with no colleagues to help in an emergency or to collaborate with on a task.

Gets the job done

The Guardhat Lone Worker Solution helps these workers get the job done with greater ease, and helps ensure they return home safely. Now you can protect, support, and collaborate with those who run power lines, secure pipelines, and repair wind turbines – no matter where they are.

AV Communication

Lone workers deserve best-in-class connectivity. Communications that keep them safe and help them do their jobs should be as good as those they use in their daily lives. The Guardhat Lone Worker solution is the only industrial offering with full audio/visual communications capabilities.

Incident Management

Automated incident management capabilities within the Guardhat Lone Worker solution speeds reaction times when your workers needed it most. With rich pre-designed workflows, configurable to your SOPs and a notification engine that gets help where and when it’s needed, Guardhat can be your lone worker link.

Proactive Alerts

Lone workers often work in remote and isolated locations, making it even more crucial to understand their conditions while there is still time to help. Activate proactive safety via configurable hazardous work check-ins and fall detection alerts.

Guardhat Provides Customized Solutions To Specific Industries

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