3M SIM – coming soon to the Guardhat Platform

Later this summer, Guardhat will bring the 3M Safety Inspection Manager (SIM) offering into its Industrial Internet of People (IIoP) platform. At transition, the SIM user experience will feel the same other than a new logo and URL. The aim of transitioning SIM to Guardhat is to accelerate product development to the benefit of SIM users. Read more about the Guardhat – 3M collaboration here.

In order to transfer your existing SIM data over to the soon-to-be Guardhat SIM, you will need to review and approve the Guardhat enterprise user license agreement (EULA) found here: www.guardhat.com/resources/enterprise-user-license-agreement/

Once you have read the agreement, please complete the fields to the right. If you agree to the Guardhat EULA, you will then receive a copy at the email address entered. 3M and Guardhat teams will follow up with you to best address your needs.


    I plan to continue using Guardhat SIM upon transition, and have read and agree to the Guardhat EULAI plan to continue using Guardhat SIM upon transition, but require additional information before agreeing to the EULAI do not plan to move forward with SIM following the transition from 3M to Guardhat