The Guardhat IIoP Platform

The only constant connectivity platform built for the workforce, their privacy concerns and the data they make and use.

The Guardhat IIoP™ Platform is the foundation of all Guardhat solutions and is built to work with Guardhat wearables (the Communicator smart hardhat, Scout TA1 device and the Guardhat app) as well as with compatible 3rd party devices from our partners.


Combines a consideration of the human workforce with core IoT and connected device functionality: device connectivity and management; bi-directional data telemetry and control to and from the connected workers; edge data-processing, event detection and  alerts; data storage; analytics and reporting; identify and access management; integration channels for external systems; rules-driven event processing and privacy engine; system administration, and much more.

Built For People

Apart from the core IoT features such as sensor telemetry and device management, the Guardhat Platform also natively handles audio-visual media (streaming or recorded), AV telecommunications, and RTLS/location-based GIS services such as geofences and lockout zones. The real-time location data can be provided by multiple sources: devices or external systems. Also, the platform treats the end-user as the central entity and maintains a digital twin of the user—not just the devices—for its operations.

Industrial Grade

Built from the ground-up to operate in industrial environments, the Guardhat Platform does not assume that devices have assured connectivity or are always online, or that the software can be deployed on the” cloud,” or that multi-tenant SaaS is the only desired option. Using a combination of proprietary technologies, the platform allows flexibility of deployment, handles offline devices gracefully, accounts for network connectivity issues, and works collaboratively with the devices to ensure stable and reliable operations.

Highly Configurable

While ready to operate out-of-the-box, its behavior can be customized via configuration to meet your localized needs and requirements. Along with the integration features, this enables fit-to-purpose installations that are tailored for your specific requirements.

Flexible Deployment

The Guardhat Platform can be deployed on-site/on-premise, on the edge or any of the major cloud-based PaaS providers, and in hybrid topologies tailored for specific deployment scenarios. All deployments are single-tenant by design for privacy and data-security; installations and databases on the cloud are not shared between customers.

Designed For Integration

The Guardhat Platform was designed to work within complex IT/OT environments. It can consume real-time and batched data from 3rd party devices and external, upstream systems; and supply real-time or batch data to external, downstream systems. A variety of communications protocols and data formats are supported. The external systems can be data warehouses, data lakes, ERP and MES systems, HRMS, or IAM/IDM providers, and more.

Applicable Solutions

  • It can be integrated with 3rd party wearables and devices.
  • It can be integrated with 3rd party solutions such as EHS, AM, HRMS, etc.

Guardhat Provides Customized Solutions To Specific Industries

Forestry and Logging
Mineral Mining

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