Guardhat Safety Control Center

Your single-source for frontline worker connectivity and hazard mitigation

The SCC offers visualizations (including live-view maps); system interactions and response management; and continual logging and analysis. It also provides system administration and management capabilities for the devices, users, maps and GIS functions, and has various safety and productivity features built-in. The displayed information can be from any data source integrated into the Guardhat Platform, Guardhat wearables, 3rd party devices, or external software and information systems.

RTLS and GIS Features

A central feature of SCC is the live map, which displays the deployment sites with an optional real-time location overlay of the users and devices, and with the site-specific features displayed alongside the global satellite or street map view. Additional GIS features such as geofences, lockout zones, privacy/ “blackout” areas, buildings, etc., are also displayed in real-time and can be managed via the system itself.


Communications & Media Management

SCC also provides a rich media client, with the ability to perform AV telecommunications with compatible devices, and provides an integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) module for accessing media (video, audio, and pictures) and their associated metadata such as user info, timestamp, location, etc.


Analytics and Reporting.

SCC has a set of prebuilt and customizable KPI dashboards, drill-down analytics, and downloadable reports. Additional reports and dashboards can be customized or created as needed.


SCC is fully internationalized (118N) and supports language localization. It can be accessed by desktops, mobile tablets, and any device that has a modern web browser. It utilizes standards-based web technologies and hence can be accessed remotely.

Information Security

SCC uses industry-standard encryption and role-based access control (RBAC) for controlling and protecting access to the system and data, and can be integrated with existing Identity and Access Management systems (such as Microsoft Active Directory) for a seamless Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience.

SCC Features & Specifications

  • Real-time monitoring of events and detected conditions
  • Automatic or manual resolution of detected
    incidents and conditions, with auditable narrative and comments
  • Access to full event history
  • Live map view of devices and users
  • Customizable, map overlay of the deployment site, buildings, and selectable floors
  • Visualization & interaction with GIS features (geofences, lockout zones, privacy zones, etc.)
  • Auditing of walk-paths
  • Tracking of individual workers and devices
  • Device and user status display (online, offline, missing-in-action)
  • On-demand audio-visual telephony to and from compatible devices
  • Ability to send text-to-speech messages to compatible devices
  • Integrated Digital Assessment Management for viewing and downloading recorded media
  • Integrated KPI dashboards, live analytics, and downloadable reports
  • Single-click site/building/floor-wide emergency evacuation
  • System Administration and management
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Role-based access with options for federated identity and
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • End-to-end encryption using TLS
  • Accessible on any device with a modern web browser (desktops, laptops, tablets)

Applicable Solutions

  • Safety and Compliance
  • Remote Support and AV Telecommunications
  • Asset Management
  • Workplace productivity and Workforce management
  • RTLS location and GIS Services

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