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Guardhat’s products and technologies are built with a single purpose: to solve real-world industrial problems, with a human-centric perspective.

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Our product ecosystem provides a unique set of capabilities that provide composable solutions for workers’ safety, work-force productivity, asset management, personnel tracking, remote support and communications, and many others.

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While the solutions addressed varied needs, they remain accessible via a single unified interface and are powered by the same underlying Kyra IoT platform.

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All our solutions are ready to use out-of-the-box but can also be extensively customized and configured to address your specific needs.

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Built For Integration

Our products and solutions do not exist in a vacuum—we design every product with integration and interoperability from the outset. This allows our solutions to coexist and collaborate with your existing systems, and future-proof your investment.

Worker’s Safety and Compliance

Guardhat was originally founded to address specific gaps in ensuring the safety of the workforce, and it is no surprise that the ecosystem has a strong set of capabilities and features for Environmental Health and Safety. Built upon our real-life experience, and constantly enhanced over the years, our solutions for workers’ safety, workplace productivity, and asset management address a broad spectrum of problems and needs, and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Social Distancing

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a unique set of challenges for the workforce: the need to maintain safe workplaces via social-distancing guidelines while addressing the difficulty of manually ensuring physical compliance on the shop-floor or in the field... Our innovative, real-time, proximity-based social distancing solution can help you in these difficult times, by automatically detecting and warning workers if they are within unsafe proximity to each other. Designed to operate without network connectivity, the solution also provides data for contact-tracing reporting, and can seamlessly connect with our SCC portal to visualize and notify proximity contacts. Show More

Situational Awareness

Industrial workplaces can be challenging. Situational awareness of the workers’ immediate surroundings by sensory measurement, and early warning for potential exposure to environmental or hazmat conditions are crucial for the prevention of incidents. ... Guardhat’s wearables contain a variety of sensors to do exactly this, and can automatically detect and generate both local and remote alarms based on configurable rules and policies: whether it is for thermal exposure, fall-detection/man-down, unsafe exposure to noise, or the myriad other sensor-detected conditions including events based on composite sensor data. Also, our sensor systems work with the rest of the system to collect and continuously memorialize sensor data—not just on exceeding the control-levels—and identify vital data such as the location, the user, and the time. This data is available for visualization using advanced analytics reports and dashboards and can provide a historical view of trends and heat maps. The Situational Awareness solution can also integrate with 3rd party sensors (environmental, biometric, etc.…) and other smart PPE—for example, biometric conditions from wrist-worn wearables—and can combine and use data from heterogeneous sources to provide unique real-time capabilities beyond a single, disconnected sensor device. Show More

Emergency Response

The ability to quickly respond to emerging conditions and incidents is a crucial capability in an emergency, and Guardhat’s solution provides multiple mechanisms to help the workers and the emergency responders save valuable time during these situations. ... In addition to automated, sensor-based alarms, every Guardhat device also provides a user-initiated panic/SOS system, which is immediately sent to operators and other nearby workers, calling for support. For detected conditions and incidents, the location and time of the event are immediately available and visualized in real-time, so that assistance can be accurately dispatched to where it is needed, without having to start a time-consuming search procedure. Also, the system can optionally send alarms to nearby authorized workers and supervisors, so that a localized response can be initiated as well. Combined with the ability to communicate with the worker in distress and using the situational awareness system to understand the emerging condition, the responder is now equipped with more actionable information than ever before to safely and efficiently do their job: saving lives. Show More

PPE Compliance

PPE is only effective when used at the right time where needed; unfortunately, compliance can sometimes be challenging due to oversight and operational complexities, and the variety of protective equipment required in different situations. ... Guardhat’s Safety solution can look for and remind the worker to put on the correct PPE based on the work location, job type, and other configurable parameters. Show More

Location, Lockouts
and geofences

Lockouts/tag-outs are an integral part of workplace operations. Ensuring access control during maintenance, downtime, and other situations, and preventing unauthorized entry to hazardous or restricted areas is a daily functional necessity. ... Thanks to Guardhat’s native, Real-time Location Services (RTLS) technology, lockouts, geofences, zone marking, and controlling access are now easier than ever, and combined with real-time detection of proximity or entry/exit to these zones, and real-time notifications to affected and nearby workers, compliance and reporting are now just a mouse click away. The solution uses proprietary, multimodal, technology that can use location data from a variety of sources to provide a spectrum of location resolution, all the way down to sub-meter, 3D accuracy. The solution also provides a proprietary mapping solution that depicts the work site’s layout (buildings, floors, features of interests) as an interactive map overlaid on a street-view or satellite-view and can visualize the workers and devices (in real-time) on this map. The system can also optionally track the location of devices and workers in real-time and visualize walk-paths and proximity of workers and devices to each other. This combined with dedicated proximity detection capabilities provides a rich set of location-based capabilities for safety functions. Show More

Proximity Detection

The Guardhat solution has proximity detection built in to quickly detect proximity to hazardous locations, moving equipment, and vehicles such as forklifts. The proximity system operates locally on the wearables and does not require connectivity during operation. ... In addition to detecting static or moving objects, the solution can also be used for presence detection (example: entry into specific rooms or zones) and ingress/egress detection in specialized situations such as confined spaces. This capability, which works seamlessly with the location feature, provides additional insight and functionality. Show More

Lone Worker

The Guardhat safety solution has customized capabilities built specifically for the lone worker, whether working alon on a job site, or on-the-road. The system provides the same core safety features based on sensor-based situational awareness, location, ... and audio-visual communications to the worker, and has specialized offline/disconnected operating modes when the wireless network is not available. Additionally, the system can be deployed to run 100% locally at the job-site, without needing a connection back to the “cloud” or the HQ, and in mobile configurations. Show More

Operator Monitoring

Drivers and operators of industrial equipment and heavy vehicles need to maintain high alertness levels and keep their full attention on the man-machine interaction. Any impairment to these can be potentially fatal. The Guardhat solution can assist with ... tracking this using the Guardhat and approved 3rd party and partner wearables that monitor the driver/operator’s physiological conditions in real-time, and preemptively intervene by notifying the driver/operator if a decreased level of alertness is detected. This alarm can also be sent to remote supervisors and monitoring agents, who can use the telecommunications system to call and verify safe operational conditions. The system can also be used for detecting and preventing other conditions such as thermal stress, extended exposure in severe weather conditions, reminders to take rest or breaks after strenuous work exertion, unsafe proximity to hazardous equipment and material, and more. Show More

Evacuation &

Accurate and rapid muster count of workers during emergency evacuations is a key requirement. Also tracking the current location of workers while an evacuation procedure is in progress is equally important in ensuring that ... every single person is accounted for and is at the correct muster point per plan. The Guardhat Safety solution provides sophisticated evacuation and roster count capabilities. Authorized operators can initiate emergency evacuations at various levels: global/site, specific buildings, or even particular floors within a building. This immediately sends individual evacuation alarms to every worker inside the evacuation zone, and the system starts tracking the location of the workers until they reach the preconfigured muster points and are outside the impacted area. The system keeps a count of the workers inside and outside the evacuation zone and provides a real-time roster, and significantly simplifies the work of emergency coordinators and captains during these situations. Show More

Workplace Productivity & Workforce Management

The underlying foundational capabilities of Guardhat’s technology and products are well-suited for workplace productivity enhancement and management applications. These solutions leverage Guardhat’s industrial wearables, 3rd party devices, and the Kyra IIoT platform to provide multiple solutions for various operational problems in the field.

Location and
GIS Solutions

Guardhat’s multimodal, high-precision, fully three-dimensional positioning , and mapping solutions bring an unprecedented level of visibility and actionable information into the workplace. ... Our RTLS and GIS features can be applied to multiple applications: locating and tracking of people, assets and equipment; identifying and optimizing travel paths; virtual fencing and lockout zones; access control based on job type, roles and time; presence and proximity detection in confined spaces; tracking and speed monitoring of vehicles; real-time visualization of site and workplace maps; and more. Also, unlike other RTLS solutions, you are not limited in the technology choices. Our RTLS solution is designed from ground up for the diversity of data sources, is compatible with multiple technologies, and is built for hybrid implementation—which means that it can be tailored to your current requirements, without compromising future needs and adaptability. Show More

Proximity and
Presence Detection

Apart from real-time 3D positioning, our RTLS system also provides proximity detection to stationary and moving objects. Multiple precision levels are available for customization to specific requirements. ... The system can also detect the presence of workers and equipment in marked work zones and spaces (including access-restricted areas) and can trigger specific actions—such as automated media capture, reminder notifications, and playback of work procedures—based on configurable rules. Examples of real-life applications include rapid detection of approaching forklifts (to avoid potential impact and accidents), real-time tracking of vehicles for enforcing zone-specific speed limits, detection of workers’ presence in confined spaces and locations where other RTLS technologies may not be applicable; entry and exit tracking of personnel into access-controlled rooms; enforcement of PPE compliance zones by detecting the proximity of required PPE to the worker in specific areas; and more. Show More

Time and Motion Studies

When enabled, Guardhat’s continuous, high-precision location-tracking (up to four readings per second), and millisecond level timestamped data-logging, the collected information (aggregate as well as individual devices) ... provides a new approach for time measurement of workplace tasks and activities, with spatial elements. The system can aggregate the location data over time and overlay this on site-specific maps (using 3D levels if needed), and using the precise time measurements, provide fresh perspectives into the efficiency of recurring and planned operational activities. For example, the system can be used for optimizing the travel path for a recurring inspection round by measuring the variance in actual vs. expected paths taken over an extended period. Show More

Field Inspections
and Audits

The combination of audio-visual media and RTLS capabilities provides novel and efficient solutions for on-the-field inspections and other activities (such as MRO). The worker can use the video streaming and media recording for audit and post-analysis during the inspection rounds, ... while the automatic, timestamped, location-tracking localizes the inspection results accurately. The system also allows pre-planned inspection trails to be set up, which can then be used for reporting compliance to plan and variance-detection. Show More

Remote Expert Support

Thanks to the built-in video streaming in the Guardhat wearables, and native support for standards compliant media and telecommunications, no worked is an island in the Guardhat system This opens new avenues for on-demand, live communication with any connected worker from remote locations. ... Remote video-based support to field workers is now a reality, where the SME (Subject Matter Expert) can connect from anywhere in the world, see and hear what the worker sees, and provide guidance for the work at hand—without needing to travel to the site. Apart from the significant cost savings, this also enables on-demand and ad-hoc access to experts, which would otherwise have required pre-planning much advance. Show More

On-the-job Training

Apart from the remote support application, the AV telecommunication system can also be used for on-the-job training, where the trainer can capture or live-stream from the field to remote trainees (potentially in multiple locations across the world), and walk-through live ... procedures and activities that can also be recorded for subsequent use. This allows experienced workers to share their experience and skills from the field and production zones, without having to travel to training centers, and the trainees can gain access to the field from the safety and convenience of their remote locations. Show More

Time and Attendance

The Guardhat system provides an easy to use identity and authentication mechanism, where the workers can identify themselves to the system by simply swiping their existing access badges on the wearables. This mechanism can be integrated ... with 3rd party badging and time-tracking systems and be used for easy clock-in/clock-out at the site. The system can also use the location information to automatically start or stop the time clock (for example, on entry into the site and upon exit at end of the shift), thus further simplifying the time-tracking, while maintaining auditable, high-accuracy data. Show More

Maintenance and
Repair Operations

Maintenance and Repair Operations depends on accurate and timely identification of potential issues so that costly repair can be avoided by early intervention. The Guardhat system—by continuously collecting timestamped and location-tagged data—can help identify potential hotspots ... and anomalies at the site. It utilizes sensor data collected over time and across the site from all connected sources and uses advanced analytics to calculate emerging trends and early lead-indicators of potential issues, which is visualized on the site’s layout (such as heat maps), and via customizable reports. This helps with identifying latent issues that can be investigated further and remediated (for example, CO gas levels seem to be higher than the norm in a particular area at the site, during specific times, which might be an indication of a process-triggered leak). Proximity detection to objects and PPE is also useful for the kitting tasks, where the system can identify and ensure that the right PPE and tools are available for the specific MRO job for the current zone. Show More

Planning and Scheduling

Guardhat’s role-based user model, location/timestamp data-logging; real-time event and location-based notifications and reminders; and the comprehensive telecommunications system makes it a useful aid in day-to-day planning & operations. ... The system can also be integrated into existing planning, maintenance, and scheduling systems to assist with on-the-ground execution of the plans, by providing additional communication and notification channels, and for validating and auditing execution using location and time data. The logged information in the system can also be fed back into planning and scheduling systems for post-facto analytics, reporting, and modeling. Show More

Asset Management

Asset Management in industrial domains is complex: the sheer volume of asset types and categories, disparate inventories, maintenance schedules, and operational processes, and the need to manage physical assets across large spatial environments. This complexity requires consistent and repeatable processes and practices, and end-to-end lifecycle management systems that can address the immense variety of operational challenges and ever-changing demands.

Inventory Tracking

Guardhat’s wearables can identify tagged assets and equipment using many of the commonly used wireless and image based AIDC technologies such as RFID (passive and active), NFC, and QR codes. ... The system can use the scanned tag identity for triggering asset-specific actions; for example, the tag data can be correlated with the asset records and MRO history from external EAM systems (such as IBM Maximo), to provide maintenance notifications to the maintenance workers; location of the asset can be updated based on the location data from the wearables, and the sensor data of the surroundings can be used for contextual analysis (for example, effect of humidity and temperature on the asset’s health and performance). Identification data from the AIDC scans can also be fed downstream into external systems. This transforms the Guardhat system into a last-mile, physical touchpoint for asset tracking and ID. Also, RFID-tagged PPEs can be used for real-time and location-specific safety compliance. Another application is the use of RFID badges for identification and access control for personnel. Show More

MRO and Inspections

The Guardhat system can act as a real-time data logger for the asset’s operational performance and health, by scanning for and collecting telemetry data from compatible connected equipment using short-range radios such as Bluetooth or NFC. ... This can be performed on-demand by the worker, or as automated scans during normal inspection runs. The continuously collected telemetry data can be analyzed in real-time by the platform or forwarded to the 3rd party EAM system for identification of maintenance needs and converted to actionable intelligence for MRO planning. Also, proximity detection to parts and PPE can be used in the kitting tasks, where the system can identify and ensure that the right PPE and tools are available for the specific MRO job for the current zone. Show More

Preventative Maintenance

Effective preventive maintenance depends on both accurate maintenance schedules, and on early identification of potential and emerging issues, which, if handled early on, can be the difference between preventive and corrective maintenance. ... The Guardhat system—by continuously collecting timestamped and location-tagged data—can help identify potential hotspots and anomalies at the site. It utilizes sensor data collected over time and across the site from all connected sources and uses advanced analytics to calculate emerging trends and early lead-indicators of potential issues, which is visualized on the site’s layout (such as heat maps), and via customizable reports. The asset identities (communicated wirelessly and via other means) and current locations can be superimposed on the analyzed data to provide a multifaceted view into the health of the assets. This helps with identifying latent issues that can be investigated further, and preventative maintenance carried out. Show More

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