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Guardhat’s Ecosystem
The only comprehensive safety monitoring and data analysis system.
Only Guardhat offers you a comprehensive real-time situational awareness system that features breakthrough technologies. Like connectivity hardware that doesn’t depend on unreliable remote servers and connections. And a customized real-time location system (RTLS) that locates personnel, assets and sensors with sub-meter location accuracy. Guardhat alerts operators and on-site personnel to hazardous areas, nearby equipment operation and restricted zones with the utmost precision. While, its IOT platform provides situational context and a better understanding of how people and assets interact — a critical field of vision beyond an affliction-centered view. Which means you can make immediate decisions that prevent accidents, improve critical response metrics, and increase productivity, protecting lives as well as your bottom line.
Guardhat’s unique breakthrough wearables, sensors and monitors increase safety, compliance and productivity through reliable “last mile connectivity.” Third-party equipment seamlessly integrates with Guardhat as well.
Kyra Data Platform
Guardhat’s proprietary platform enables peer-to-peer communication and generates advanced analysis of data to deliver a critical field of vision.
Actionable Intelligence
More than data. Intelligence that’s delivered by KYRA allowing you to take immediate, future and even preemptive action.
A deeper dive
Take a closer look at more of what makes Guardhat, Guardhat.
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