Human-Centric Solutions—Built For The Real World.

Guardhat technology is built with a single purpose: to solve real-world industrial problems, with a human-centric perspective.

Single View

While Guardhat solutions address varied needs, they are all accessible via a single unified interface and are powered by the same underlying Guardhat Platform allowing you to extend into new solutions and capabilities with ease


All our solutions are ready to use out-of-the-box, but are designed for integration and interoperability from the outset. This allows our solutions to coexist and collaborate with your existing systems, expanding the value of and future-proofing your investment.

Loan Worker

Guardhat was founded to address gaps in the safety of the workforce. These gaps are felt most acutely among lone workers.

More than a billion workers are out on their own for part, or all of their workday, with no colleagues to help in an emergency or to collaborate with on a task.

The Guardhat Lone Worker Solution helps these workers get the job done with greater ease, and helps ensure they return home safely. Now you can protect, support, and collaborate with those who run power lines, secure pipelines, and repair wind turbines – no matter where they are.

Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade

Controlled Access Zoning

Workers in industrial domains face a myriad of risks. The Guardhat Controlled Access Zoning solution can help you better protect your people, and reduce risk to assets and the communities in which you operate by ensuring no one enters unsafe areas, only certified workers enter certain zones, and alerts and trainings are offered to ensure ongoing compliance. With dynamic geofencing, zone management, and evacuations, the Controlled Access Zoning solution from Guardhat can digitize and ease administation of access zoning, while increasing safety and onboarding of new staff.

Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade

Guardhat Provides Customized Solutions To Specific Industries

Forestry & Logging
Mineral Mining

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